Amber powder

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From ancient amber was considered as having magical powers stone. Dropping into the fire the amber dust we wish on thought or word something good or outlines inmost desires. The rituals performed during the wedding, Midsummer night campfire or birthday midnight, as well as on other occasions when you want that amber enhanced the power greetings and wishes. Thrown into the fire flame or fireplace. Uniquely beautifully burn and emits the smell of amber. You can also use with the application of heated stones on the sauna - amber emits an excellent flavor. 


Priests rites. Request and recited a prayer of thanks to God, they are burned at the stake amber dust, - that, in their words, now the energy returned to the universe. Our ancestors feast was not fun or entertainment, and - Targeted rituals, some with their own desires and requests it interferes with the natural whole. According to them, the continuity of life which pairs of opposites: darkness - light, day - night, man - woman, summer - winter. Therefore, Amber had the power to ensure the continuity of life.

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